Phone Department


The City of Norway has its own phone service! We are offering customers in Norway the option to receive our digital telephone service provided via Packerland Broadband. This service, being a Voice over IP delivery service, is provided at lower rates than most other area providers. 

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Jim Bryner, & Ralph Tinkey
915 Main St
Norway, MI 49870

(906) 563-9961
(906) 563-7502 fax



Hours of Operation

7:00am-3:00 pm
Monday – Friday



Phone contract
There is a contract to sign before signing up for our services.  This Contract acknowledges that you know that the 911 services will NOT work if there is a outage of any sort.  Please read and sign this contract if you are interested in the phone services. 911 contract

From digital TV to high-speed Internet and now digital phone, you know the benefits Norway Communications services provide to you. Now get all of the Triple-Play features with none of the frustrations. We’ve made it easy and hassle-free for you to bundle your communication services onto one monthly bill, not to mention the quality service and friendly customer support that goes along with all City of Norway services. Call today to experience all the benefits the Triple-Play has to offer!


Telephone Costs(must carry Basic TV)

Local/Long Dist. $35/Mo.(city) $39/Mo.(Twp)

Commercial Please contact City Hall for information.


Long distance in the continental US included in this pricing.


*Need more info? Call to request it at 906-563-9961.

Telephone problems?
If you are calling during regular business hours or Saturday between 10:00am and 2:00pm and are experiencing problems please call 563-9961 ext 291. If you are calling after normal business hours press 4, to leave a message for an on call support technician. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How does VoIP work?
Voice over IP (VoIP) is a type of phone system that uses an internet connection, rather than a traditional phone line, to transmit voice traffic. One of the most popular reasons for choosing VoIP is cost savings: VoIP service plans are typi­cally less expensive than traditional phone system costs, sys­tems require minimal maintenance, and costs are assessed as a monthly rate only- no long distance charges are applied when you use a VoIP system. VoIP service provides standard features like voice mail, caller ID, and call waiting, as well as advanced features.
Can I keep my existing phone number?
Most VoIP companies allow you to “port” your number over from a land line provider. This is called “Local Number Por­tability”. It gives the subscriber the ability to change services providers within their local area and still keep their same ex­isting phone number.
Can multiple phones be used with the VoIP service?
You have the ability to use multiple phones with the VoIP service by using multiple jack extensions, cordless phones with extra handsets, wireless phone jacks, etc. Most VoIP systems do not require special equipment- you are given the option to use your existing phone with the service.
Is VoIP call quality as good as that of a regular phone?
Yes. When VoIP was first becoming popular, many users were concerned about “packet loss,” which usually occurs when calls are routed over the “open” internet- other traffic can interfere with voice data. Using a dedicated connection or designating bandwidth for voice data alleviates these con­cerns. As internet connections have become faster, voice data is transmitted more effectively call quality is similar to that of a traditional or “land line” phone.
Additional Features







Call City Hall and we will discuss the additional features.